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Why i do this

After many years of starting ideas and different money-making ideas, I found out I need a different approach. My wish to get financial freedom and be able to have my own hand in my life needed a different approach than what I have been doing. I have seen so many hours of Youtube videos, used the money on different courses, and worked many hours of my free time without getting any closer to my dream. That's when I decided I needed to start in another way. I needed a sort of plan behind me, a goal and a way that I could follow to get where I wanted to be. I want to be a millionaire in dollars. So the goal is clear, but it really does not matters, as it is the way and process that is important. One of the things I have learned in Atomic Habits by James Clear. If I improve the process by just 1% every time, then over time the results are going to be very big.

So my WHY, is I want to control my own life. I like to decide for myself is I want to work in a regular 9-5 work or if I like to be self-employed. Do not misunderstand me, because today I have a great job I like. I have a responsibility, and co-workers I really like working with you. There is no plan today to quit my work. My why is that I like to decide for myself, and not need society, and family I need to earn money and live my life the way everybody else like me to do it, but I want to live life my way.

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